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Welcome to Oogartsencentrum ZW-Vlaanderen and Kortijk-West. Our ophthalmologists and staff are ready to determine how best we can support your eye sight. We believe in a personal approach, reinforced by advanced technologies.

Oogartsencentrum ZW-Vlaanderen

Opening hours:
Monday – Friday:
08h30 am – 12h30 pm
02h00 pm – 06h00 pm

Oogartsencentrum Kortrijk-West

Opening hours:
Monday: 02h00 pm – 06h00 pm
Wednesday: 08h30 am – 12h00 noon
Friday: 08h30 am – 12h00 noon

In case of an emergency outside our office hours, you can reach our internal on-call service on the toll number: 09/03 00 017.

Please inform us at least 24 hours in advance if you wish to reschedule or cancel your appointment. If the appointment is not cancelled in time, we reserve the right to charge you the standard fee for the scheduled consultation.

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