A life without glasses or contact lenses

Are you dreaming of a life without glasses or contact lenses? Are you fed up with forgetting your glasses, with fogged-up glasses or contact lenses that dry out your eyes? Treatments that enable you to live, work, play, swim, run, etc. without glasses or lenses are possible as of age 18. Since many years, our eye centres are specialised in treatments to replace glasses and lenses. Moreover, we use the most advanced equipment to guarantee a successful treatment. Together, we evaluate what is possible for you.

Treatments for a life without glasses or contact lenses

Laser treatments are the best-known form of treatment to get rid of your glasses or contact lenses. Yet an extra lens implant or, if you are a bit older, a lens replacement are procedures we have been carrying out for years to the great satisfaction of our patients.

Laser treatments

From age 18 to 45

Are you under 45 and would you like sharper vision without having to depend on glasses or contact lenses? A laser eye treatment can optimise your vision.

Extra lens implant

From age 18 to 45

Would you like a less invasive, reversible treatment for a life without glasses? Then the implant of a clear ocular lens, which is placed in front of your natural lens, may be the solution for you.

Lens replacement

After age 45

If you are 45 or older, your lens will naturally begin to lose some of its flexibility, and you may opt for a treatment whereby your natural ocular lens is replaced by an artificial lens.

Four steps to a life without glasses

0. Quickscan (optional)

If you are unsure whether you are eligible for a treatment, you can opt to have a ‘quickscan’ with us. Our nurses carry out a few tests first to measure your eye divergence, the thickness and curvature of your cornea and the quality of your tear film. Next, we give you a questionnaire to find out about your life and work situation and what your expectations are. Based on this information and the short screening, the specialist eye doctor will determine whether you are a good candidate for a treatment to replace your glasses or contacts.

Intake examination

The real process begins with an extensive intake examination. We conduct an in-depth exam of your eyes and we clearly map out your eye condition (e.g. sharpness of vision, thickness and curvature of your cornea, eye pressure, tear film quality, etc.). In addition, we like to get to know you, listen carefully to your needs, your life and work situation and expectations.

Choice of treatment

Based on all the information from the intake examination, we advise you on the treatment that is best suited to you. Together, we look at your options and draw up a treatment plan that best fits with your lifestyle and wishes.

Scheduling and treatment

Next, the chosen treatment is scheduled and we inform you of the preparations for the procedure, as well as what to expect on the days after the procedure. You will be fully informed and can look forward to the procedure with confidence.


fter the treatment, we ensure that your recovery period goes as smoothly as possible. We follow up and check how your vision has improved. If needed, we take any post-treatment steps necessary to ensure that you are happy with the result.

Our patients’ experiences

Your satisfied look, your restored vision – that is what drives our commitment to provide every patient with the best possible eye care. Discover how our patients have experienced their treatment with us.