Lens replacement

A lens replacement is a medical procedure whereby the natural ocular lens is replaced by an advanced artificial lens. This procedure is primarily intended to restore the flexibility of the sight, which decreases over the years. Discover how lens replacement offers an effective solution for age-related changes in vision and other eye problems.

As you age, the flexibility of your ocular lens decreases. This causes your vision, both near and far, to deteriorate. When the lens is replaced, your own natural lens is replaced by a very advanced artificial lens or implant lens. This will enable your eye to see clearly again from far, medium distance, and nearby.
The impact of this treatment is permanent as the implant lens has a permanent reading correction that will not change over time. In 80% of cases, no glasses are needed after the procedure. In 15% of the cases, glasses may still be needed either for near or far vision. Only in 5% of the cases are glasses still regularly needed.

Depending on your preferences and your life and work situation, we will determine which lens is best suited to you. Our doctors have experience with monofocal (sharp vision at one particular distance) and multifocal (sharp vision at various distances) lenses, as well as with the technique of ‘monovision’ (one lens for near and one for far vision). After the intake exam, we determine the most suitable lens for you.

When are you eligible for lens replacement?

  • Age

To be eligible for a lens replacement as an alternative to glasses or contact lenses, you must be at least 45 years old.

  • Recent intake examination

The intake exam used as the basis for your treatment may not have been carried out more than half a year ago.

We’re happy to help!

Discover a clear, sharp world. Are you fed up with always depending on glasses or contacts? If so, a lens replacement may be the solution. Our expert team is ready to support you through each step and to answer all your questions.

  • After your intake exam, the lenses will be custom-made for your eyes.
  • Three days before the procedure, you will need to apply some preparatory eye drops at home.
  • One hour before the scheduled procedure, you have to start applying eye drops at home to dilate your pupils, based on the instructions you are given during your consultation.
  • When you arrive at Oogartsencentrum ZW-Vlaanderen, we start with a few administrative tasks. Once your pupils are sufficiently dilated, we will accompany you to the operating room. There, your eyes will be anaesthetised and carefully disinfected.
  • While you lie back comfortably, we make a small incision in your cornea. We then replace your natural lens with an artificial lens at the perfect place in your lens capsular bag.
  • The procedure takes around fifteen minutes per eye and is nearly painless. After the procedure, you can go straight home, but you do need someone to accompany you.

The price of a lens replacement varies depending on various individual factors. We consider it important to make a personal price calculation for each patient. For an overview of our fees, please go to the fees page.