Eye conditions and treatments

As human beings, our eyes are susceptible to various diseases and conditions. We know that every eye and every condition is unique. Therefore, we take a very precise approach to treating your condition in the way that is best suited to you. Our complementary team where every doctor is specialised in a sub-segment of ophthalmology, can treat the following eye conditions with personalised care:


A foggy or blurred vision, as well as a rapid worsening of your glasses prescription can be a sign that the lens of your eye has become cloudy. During an operation, we replace your cloudy lens with a clear artificial lens.

Elevated ocular pressure and glaucoma

High pressure in your eyes can affect the nerve fibres in your eyes and gradually reduce your vision. After the age of 45, it is a good idea to have your eye pressure tested regularly.

Dry eyes and tear
duct disorders

If you suffer from dry or weepy eyes, we will determine whether your eyes produce enough fluid and/or whether your tear ducts still work properly.

Conditions affecting the retina and vitreous humour

Our retina opthalmologists specialise in treating diseases of the retina, such as:
Sometimes these diseases of the retina have to be treated via an operation on the retina, known as Vitrectomy.

Eyelid corrections

The natural ageing process can cause the eyelids to droop and this can cause problems such as pressure on the eyes, fatigue of the eyes or even a reduced field of vision.

Crossed eyes or
double vision

Divergence or convergence of your eyes (inward or outward, and sometimes upward or downward) or poor convergence of the eyes leads to distorted vision.

Conical cornea (Keratoconus)

The cornea of your eye is not only a protective layer but it is also the strongest lens of the eye. In combination with the lens of the eye it responsible for the sharpness of your vision. If the cornea’s shape is irregular, you will not be able to focus clearly and your image quality will be reduced.