Dry eyes and tear duct disorders

What are dry eyes?

Dry eyes are caused by insufficient tear production or rapid tear evaporation. This may cause your eyes to burn or sting, secrete mucus or even become red. Vision may be occasionally fuzzy as a result and you might suffer from light sensitivity. Dry eyes can have an enormous effect on your daily life. Fortunately, there are many painless treatments that will quickly make you comfortable again.

Symptoms of dry eyes
  • Red eyes
  • Pain
  • Tearing eyes
  • Tired eyes
  • Less sharp vision
  • Itching or a gritty sensation in your eyes
  • Light sensitivity
  • Difficulty wearing contact lenses
  • Irritation by wind, smoke, etc…

Treatment of dry eyes

It is important to understand that there is no quick, ready-made solution. Only with a thorough and long-term treatment good results can be achieved. There is a good chance that various methods will be used simultaneously during your treatment.
Some of the eye doctors in our eye centres are specialised in treating dry eyes. They will propose the most suitable therapies.

  • Artificial tears

Drops or ‘artificial tears’ can increase the quantity of tears. Artificial tears are a supplement to your own tears and are often prescribed in combination with another treatment.

  • Punctal plugs

If insufficient tears are produced or if the tears are of inadequate quality, the tear drainage channel in the lower eyelid is closed up with a ‘plug’, so that the tears remain in the eye and offer better lubrication. The ‘punctal plug’ looks like a sort of small champagne cork and is not visible in the eye.

Een close-up van een punctum plug op een lucifer.
  • Food supplements

A healthy tear film ensures that your eyes don’t dry out and you can see sharply at all times. The lower layer, a thin layer of oil, is produced by the meibomian glands and protects the tears against evaporation. If these glands produce too little oil, your tears can easily dry up and you can experience blurred vision, or tired or tearing eyes. An Omega 3 food supplement (fish oil) can help. It increases the quantity of oil and improves the quality of the oil produced by the meibomian glands.

Treatment of dry eyes

We like to take the time to analyse how best to treat your dry eyes.